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Quillaja Saponaria, (Chilean Soap Bark Tree) is native to Chile. Quillaja trees grow 50' to 60' high. Their leaves are smooth, shiny and oval, with white flowers. The bark is thick, dark in color and very tough.

Quillaja Saponaria is known for its many benefits and applications most commonly in the Food & Beverage and Agribusiness industries.

Berghausen manages its own operations in Chile working closely with local officials and groups to ensure a continuous and stable of the highest quality quillaja possible.

Berghausen offers Quillaja Saponaria as an extract and spray-dried powder. All products are FDA Approved and available in a wide range of packaging options.

Experience Berghausen's Driving Force: High Quality Quillaja, Competitive Pricing and Unparalleled Customer Service!

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